Trail facts at a glance

Name - Hoyt Arboretum to Pittock Mansion connector trail

Parks agency - Portland Parks Foundation w/ PP&R & PBOT

Contact -

Location -

Hours - Hoyt Arboretum VC -

Pittock Mansion -

Public transit - TriMet bus 20 (Burnside) and bus 63 (Fairview)

Length - 2.7 miles round trip

How difficult do we consider it - Moderate with short sections of steep grades, steep cross slopes and some trail damage from erosion

Date of last visit - 15 July 2017

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The Portland Parks Foundation webpage states:

  1. Portland’s 30-mile Wildwood Trail suffers a major flaw: its crossing at Burnside Road.  With an average 18,000 vehicles passing daily, hikers are forced to dodge traffic in their pursuit of nature.  The Footbridge over Burnside would enhance access to nature by making this crossing safe.

  2. The Portland Parks Foundation is spearheading the effort to build a bridge at this intersection before a serious tragedy occurs.  A committee of local citizens is leading the effort to make this project possible.

Okay...fair enough.  But we at Access Recreation feel that the new Barbara Walker Bridge will be much more than just that, and will have an even greater positive impact on the community as a whole.  It will allow for an easier physical and conceptual connection between two of Portland’s most iconic destinations: Hoyt Arboretum Visitor Center and Pittock Mansion, both of which provide essential amenities for all users and especially people with disabilities - water and restroom facilities, accessible parking and reliable bus service at Hoyt VC.

The Wildwood Trail bypasses the Hoyt VC altogether, and to a lesser degree, Pittock Mansion.  AR has determined that the trails with the fewest obstacles to intercept the Wildwood Trail are the Spruce Trail and the Redwood Trail.  [The map to the right is a draft version and still needs to be updated, although conceptually it is correct.]

The Hoyt VC is reachable by way of a paved accessible path all the way from the Oregon Zoo MAX station, suggesting that hikers and families of many abilities can start downtown and find their way to Pittock Mansion without relying on any form of automotive vehicles.

Pretty cool, huh?

Hoyt Arboretum to Pittock Mansion

Portland Parks Foundation w/ PP&R & PBOT

Drawing images courtesy of Ed Carpenter

Note: This webpage is still under construction but will be updated, now that the Barbara Walker Bridge is completed and open to the social distancing public.

Click here for continuation of accessible route to Oregon Zoo MAX station

.8 mile from Hoyt VC to Barbara Walker Bridge

.5 mile from Barbara Walker Bridge to Pittock Mansion

Parking for Redwood Trail

Redwood Trail

Spruce Trail

Wildwood Trail

Wildwood Trail runs off map