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Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, Bluff Trail

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Bluff Trail: 1.3 miles from parking to steps

Springwater Corridor Trail

YEH trail from Oaks Pioneer Church: .4 mile

Oaks Amusement Park

Connector to north parking lot: .4 mile

Click on the heron to view a photo gallery of water birds photographed at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and at Smith and Bybee Wetlands by Don Fox

All the trails

Options for getting to the Bluff Trail

Option 1:  Park in the accessible parking spaces at Oaks Amusement Park, where there is an intended accessible route and crosswalk that is supposed to take one under the Springwater Corridor trail.  Note that the gate is locked, so the only way to get from the parking space is to go through the driveway.  This is the most direct route.

Option 2:  Park in the street by Oaks Pioneer Church and use the gravel service road next to the church.  This is a fallback if one can’t park at the amusement park.  This adds about 1/3 mile, each way.

Option 3:  Park at the north parking lot and come down the very steep paved bike path.  However, if the three stone Steps pose an obstacle, one will not be able to get to the Bluff Trail.  This is an option if one wants to explore other than the Bluff Trail.  This adds about 1/2 mile, each way.