Trail facts at a glance

Name - Spring Park

Parks agency - North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District

Contact - 503-742-4471 [Catherine Ramer]

Location - SE Sparrow St at SE 19th Ave, Milwaukie, OR

Hours - opens half hour before sunrise and closes half hour after sunset

Transit - MAX Orange Line [3/4 mile] and TriMet bus 34

Length - 0.6 miles roundtrip

How difficult do we consider it - Easy to difficult

Date of last visit - April 6, 2016

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Nestled next to the Willamette River, Spring Park Natural Area is a hidden gem in a quiet residential neighborhood in Milwaukie.  Recent improvements to the park are restoring declining fish species and wildlife habitat as well as providing better access for park visitors.

There is limited designated street parking at the park.  Entering the park, you’ll find a small playground, picnic benches and unique artistic features, like bike racks that resemble plant sprouts.  There are no restrooms, or drinking water in the park.

A new path of compacted crushed rock and boardwalk improves on the once challenging access to the wetlands.  The trail has been realigned to avoid sensitive habitat.  A new overlook allows park visitors to view the wetlands without endangering sensitive wildlife areas

At the end of the trail, is a seasonal land bridge to Elk Rock Island.  When the Willamette River is low, you can scramble across this very rocky passage to the island.  Elk Rock Island supports sensitive habitats that can be damaged by the slightest footprint.  Stay on the designated trails and take nothing but photos.  This way plants and wildlife will thrive and be enjoyed at the park for many generations to come.

Spring Park

North Clackamas Parks & Recreation

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