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Trail facts at a glance

Name - Stephens Creek Nature Park - Raz Baack Trail & Crossing

Parks agency - maintained by SWTrails and Portland Parks & Recreation

Contact - 503-823-2223 [Portland Parks & Recreation general number]

Location - SW Bertha Boulevard and Chestnut Street for main entrance; accessible trail 280 feet to the north

Hours - 5 am - 12:01 am

Transit - Trimet bus 1 and bus 39 provide limited service - more reliable service is available from Capitol Highway [north] or Barbur Boulevard [south].

Length - 2/10th mile

How difficult we consider it - easy with a couple of obstacles

Date of last visit - February 20, 2015

Stephens Creek Nature Park is part of the Willamette watershed.  The watershed restores and enhances the region's natural environment.  This Nature Park is nestled in the residential Hillsdale neighborhood. 

The primary pedestrian access to the park is at the intersection of SW Bertha Boulevard and Chestnut Street, between SW Barbur and the Beaverton Hillsdale Highway.  Neighborhood parking is available on SW Chestnut Street east of Bertha Boulevard with a pedestrian crosswalk across Bertha.

Buses 1 and 39 run along Bertha Boulevard stopping directly at SW Chestnut Street, but provide limited service.  There is excellent bus service from the Hillsdale neighborhood, to the north. and along Barbur Boulevard, to the south, both about 1/2 mile away.

Once at the park entrance, you will find an interpretive kiosk as well as a seasonal accessible drinking fountain.  Stairs without handrails mark the beginning of the pedestrian trail called the Raz Baack Crossing.  To avoid stairs, head north along the sidewalk, 280 feet, to a compacted gravel trail which joins the main route.

The Raz Baack Crossing is just over 1,000 feet in length without benches.  It is a mixture of natural surface, compacted gravel and boardwalk.  Stephens Creek, a perennial creek located within the park, enhances its value as a refuge for wildlife.  At times, due to heavy rains and flooding, water will rise above the boardwalk.  Although this boardwalk has edge protection, it may be slippery when wet.

The natural surface and compacted gravel trails have short distances with a 15% grade.  The trail ends at SW Capitol Hill Rd.  There are no sidewalks or adequate parking at this outlet.

See also the 4T Trail, another successful effort by Hillsdale civic leader Don Baack.

Stephens Creek Nature Park -

Raz Baack Crossing - SWTrails/PP&R

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