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Steigerwald Lake NWR

Portland Audubon Sanctuary

4T Trail Loop

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Our trail reviews don't intend to identify trails which are considered ADA accessible, but rather to share information about select trails of interest, as they are, so people with disabilities can make their own determination about whether to try a trail or not.  

Although the information presented addresses issues of importance for people with disabilities, we feel this information will benefit all trail users and sets a new standard that should be applied to all trail descriptions.

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Tryon Creek NA

Hoyt Arboretum

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Access Recreation has reviewed recreational trails in the Portland—Vancouver region from the perspective of users with various disabilities, or ability levels, in a multi-year AccessTrails project supported by a Metro Nature in Neighborhoods grant and by AR's partner agencies.

This site provides trail information using Guidelines developed by AR to increase access to pertinent information on trails for people with disabilities.

Graham Oaks

Oaks Bottom/Redwood Trail

Powell Butte