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Fanno Creek Greenway Trail

Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District

Trail characteristics

Trailhead of Fanno Creek Trail from Fanno Creek Park
There are many benches along the trail – space for mobility device or stroller

Directional signage with mileage
Fanno Creek Trail has many trail junctions with directional signage
One of the bridges over Fanno Creek – non–slip surface
Crosswalk has an audible signal across Hall Blvd
Crosswalk with tactile warnings crosses Hall Blvd. connecting to Greenway Park
Sign for Greenway Park – symbols of amenities
Signage: Fanno Creek Trail shared with bicyclists and pedestrians
Inspiring art installations are found along the trail
Portions of Fanno Creek Trail are off-limits due to flooding caused by a beaver dam
Informational display as paved trail transitions to bridge
View of Fanno Creek from a bridge
The transition onto the bridge has a lip of approximately half-inch
A shady portion of trail with trashcan and trail junction with directional signage
Fanno Creek Trail is wide and paved – directional signage
Fanno Creek Trail may have the occasional crack crossing its paved surface
One of the many playgrounds along Fanno Creek trail