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Graham Oaks Nature Park, with three miles of trails, you choose your adventure: watching for native wildlife, learning about this land’s history or making the Park a part of an extensive trail hike.

The trails are either paved, crushed-compacted gravel or natural surface. Our featured trail loop includes all three. From the parking lot you can access a picnic shelter, drinking fountain, accessible restrooms and the wide and paved Tonquin Trail. This leads to the Coyote Way Trail, made up of crushed rock that may have loose areas. It transitions to a metal boardwalk with an approximate, two inch edge protection. The Legacy Creek Trail is primarily natural surface where you may encounter trail erosion. The trails are well marked with directional signage posts that have a small park map on top.

There are many amenities and features to this park, as shown in the photo category that bears this name. The picnic shelter can be rented, and is near the accessible parking and restrooms.

Five plazas, areas with information about the region with seating, are ideal places to rest, reflect and learn about Graham Oak’s history from Kalapuyan tribes who gathered food for the family that farmed the land. They are dispersed across the park to take in the various environments.

Walk, jog or ride your bike on the paved Ice Age Tonquin Trail which will someday connect Wilsonville, Tualatin and Sherwood. Typically, dogs and other pets are not allowed at Metro Parks to protect sensitive habitats. Metro has made an exception, allowing pets on the paved Ice Age Tonquin Trail because it is a regional throughway. Pets must be on a leash at all times and are not allowed anywhere else in the park, unless of course, you have a service animal.

You can also partake in a free walking tour led by Laura Foster at this link. Download it to your smart phone or MP3 player, or you could print the transcript and the accompanying trail map.

Much of this park has been designed to be wheelchair accessible, although some trails offer a higher level of difficulty.

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Graham Oaks Nature Park


Name: Graham Oaks Nature Park

Parks agency: Metro

Contact: Parks and Nature (503) 797-1545

Location: 11825 SW Wilsonville Road at SW Willamette Way West

Hours: 6:30 am — legal sunset

Public transit: SMART bus #4 with temporary limited run times due to Covid 19

Length: 2.5 miles — loop recommended by AR

How difficult do we consider it: easy, with a few steeper sections and some loose gravel

Date of last visit: October 13, 2021


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