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The Redwood Trail is a popular trail at Hoyt Arboretum, named for the large, amazing Redwoods that you will pass on the trail. Hear the songs of a variety of birds who call the park their home. There's a chance you might spot a small rabbit or hear woodpeckers. The park is well plotted out and there are marked paths that you can follow to different gatherings of trees. Maps dispersed throughout the park make finding your way easy and enjoyable.

If driving, to access the Redwood Trail park at the trailhead for Bristlecone Pine Trail, located on SW Fischer Lane, off SW Fairview. The parking lot has two accessible and two regular parking spaces. There isn't a parking fee to park here, but parking may be limited depending on other users that day. Cross over SW Fischer to the Redwood Trail.  This is a natural surface trail that is shaded and may be muddy after it rains. The trail winds gradually uphill to the Redwood deck. From the deck you can look back down on the trail you came up. The deck has benches to rest on. Follow the Wildwood Trail for a short distance to the junction of Spruce Trail, which is a natural surface trail with a gradual incline. This trail turns into the Fir Trail Loop which leads to Stevens Pavilion. Here you will find picnic tables, a water fountain and a trash can.

Located across the street is the Hoyt Visitor Center. Accessible unisex restrooms are located here along with a nature store and research library staffed by volunteers. The visitor center is open daily from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Click here for additional information.

When you are ready to continue your walk from the Stevens Pavilion, get back on the Fir Trail that connects to the White Pine Trail. From here take the “connector trail” to get back to the parking lot where you started.

For an interesting extension of your hike, take the Bristlecone Pine Trail which is accessed from the parking lot. This half mile trail is paved and was designed for people of all abilities. The trail is shaded with a variety of trees; it has a compacted gravel viewpoint and two picnic tables at the end of the trail.

The Creekside Trail provides a delightful alternative route back from the Redwood deck, but be advised that it begins with several steep hairpin ramps below the deck and its connection to SW Fischer Lane may pose an extreme obstacle for some hikers.

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Hoyt Arboretum Redwood Trail

Portland Parks & Recreation


Name: Hoyt Arboretum Redwood Trail with Bristlecone Pine Loop

Parks agency: Portland Parks & Recreation

Contact: (503) 865-8733

Location: Washington Park 

Hours: Click here for complete information

Visitor Center: 4000 SW Fairview Blvd, Portland 97221

Transit: MAX; Bus 63; Washington Park Free Shuttle (click for schedule)

Length: 1 mile for main loop; 2/3 mile loop for Bristlecone Pine Trail

How difficult we consider it: moderate with a few steep sections

Date of last visit: August 6, 2021

Click here for continuation to Pittock Mansion via the Barbara Walker Crossing