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Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve is located in Hillsboro approximately 18 miles from downtown Portland. It contains hundreds of acres of protected wetlands with approximately four miles of trails and observation areas to view wildlife. The paths are all in wide open areas. The surface of these trails is mostly natural with some areas of compacted gravel and bark chips. It is advised to call ahead during the rainy months, as many of the trails will become flooded.

All trails begin at the main parking lot. Another parking lot at the north end of the park, has a viewing platform, bike racks (no bikes are allowed on trails) and a trailhead leading back to the main parking lot and the Education Center. Both locations have accessible porta potties.

From the main parking lot, the trails begin with a paved section that transitions to crushed gravel. There may be areas with loose gravel, depending on maintenance. Primarily, the natural surface trails are a mixture of packed soil and bark chips. The trails are wide with a few steep sections. All trails either loop or double back to the main parking lot.

There are a number of designated wildlife viewing areas in the park.  Some are covered and some are not. A couple either had a steep slope or a step to the platform. Check with the staff to know which ones might serve you best. There are two bird blinds along the Bobcat Marsh Trail. One on natural surface, the other on a deck with one step. Both have viewing holes at varying heights for people of short and tall stature.

At the main parking lot are many amenities, including accessible restrooms. There is one accessible porta potty at the parking lot and flush toilets inside the Education Center. The Education Center is open daily from 104 pm. There are many educational programs throughout the year, for both kids and the community. These are provided by the non-profit also called Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve. Check out their website and for the Education Center by clicking here.

The park is open daily from dawn to dusk.

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Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve

Hillsboro Parks & Recreation


Name: Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve

Parks agency: Hillsboro Parks & Recreation

Contact: (503) 681-6120

Location: 2600 SW Hillsboro Highway [Route 219], Hillsboro, OR 97123

Hours: Park is open daily, dawn to dusk 

           Administrative offices M—F  8 am—5 pm 

           Education Center open daily 10 am—4 pm

Public transit: TriMet MAX, bus 47 and bus 57 all about 1/2 mile to the north but beware, there are no sidewalks along busy Route 219 from the bus stop to the park entrance  

Length: Total = about 4 miles. AR trail loop = about 3 miles

How difficult do we consider it: Easy to moderate, with some steep sections

Date of last visit: September 23, 2021


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